Above and Beyond Expectations

"If you EVER need ANYTHING relating to Real Estate, Sue Lowery is who you NEED to call. She is the reason that my husband and I were able to find the PERFECT house for us and our children. She is also the reason that my mom was able to sell her house. I know NOTHING about Real Estate, but buddy, Sue does. She has been committed to this field for a long time. If you have a question or a need, she has the answer and will go above and beyond your expectations to help you. She is NOT ONLY our ONE AND ONLY Real Estate Agent, she is now a member of our FAMILY.
We love you SUE!!!!"

- Steve and Ashley Kizziah

Appreciate Your Help!

"We appreciated your help with the sale of our home and the purchase of our land. Neither would have happened without your help, and we truly enjoyed the process.
Your caring, professionalism and friendly assistance means the world to us. We are very happy in the new house, and know that if we ever require real estate assistance in the future, we will definitely call on you!
Thank you again for a wonderful experience."

- Tara and Tyson Tryon

Genuine, Lifetime Friend and Realtor

"I have known Sue Lowery for over 30 years, she has been involved in five real estate transactions through the years for me and my family. When you sign a contract with Sue, you get a lifetime friend and agent that genuinely cares, she becomes part of your family, and will be with you through the good times and tough times. She always has her client’s best interest in mind. She will help you sell or buy property, she is always up for the challenge. To top it all off she is a great cook! You should try one of her fried pies. Thanks Sue!"

- Jeff Logan

Honest and Knowledgeable Realtor

"I have known Sue Lowery since 1998. She is one of the most honest and knowledgeable Realtors I have ever ran across. A few years ago I found a house in a neighborhood I really liked. Sue very subtly suggested that wasn't the house for me. I thought that was truly honest as she was forgoing money for my well-being. Later, when I had occasion to look at that house again, it was like "Wow, what was I thinking?" Sue saved me from making a big mistake. Later, she helped me find the right house in the right neighborhood.
When you get involved with Sue, you not only get a very effective real estate agent, you get a friend of the family. And it's not just for the time involved in buying or selling a house, it's forever. She puts tremendous effort in maintaining that friendship.
She is tireless in her efforts to find you the right house to buy or to sell your house.
Sue knows neighborhoods, house plans, paint schemes, landscapes, and good quality construction. She continues to be a very valuable source of information. I know from personal experience that she has helped several of my friends and their families. She knows the various markets like established neighborhoods for older adults, starter homes for newlyweds, and garden homes for middle aged folks. And she puts as much effort in the buying/selling of large estates as in starter homes. Sue can cover all of your real estate needs."

- Bill Cole

Persistent and Patient!

"Sue Lowery has been a very good real estate agent to me and my family. She has helped me obtain a foreclosed house in Montevallo. I remember her going back and re-opening the negotiations when I had just about given up.
Sue is also currently helping my daughter, who is on a really tight budget, to find a house that fits her price range. Sue is very patient with us and does not rush us as we look at homes deciding which ones to make an offer on.
In my opinion, Sue Lowery excels at what she does and is a very professional real estate agent."

- Ken Reimer